Tire Registration Form

Dear valued customer,

It is important that you promptly register your Mirage brand tires after purchase. This will enable us to contact you in the event of a tire recall. Mirage Tires respects your privacy and will not use this information to contact you for any reason other than in the event of a tire recall.If you have already submitted a tire registration but wish to inform us of changes to your contact information, please resubmit this form with your updated information.

A) Your Contact Information

B) Your Tire Information

Tire Size

Example: 245/70R16

Tire Line

Example: MR-HT172

The DOT code is the serial code located in the lower sidewall after the word "DOT". The complete DOT code typically contains a group of up to 13 characters (letters and numbers). In the photo below, the DOT code is RYEE HFHB 3618 – Important: The last four digits indicate the week and year of manufacture. For example, week 36, year 2018.

DOT Code: Quantity:

C) Dealer Information